2015 Chapman Stick Workshop

Course Descriptions

Basic Free Hands Technique
Greg Howard (Beginner)

The Stick is based on a whole new way of making music with strings. While there are similarities with instruments like bass and guitar because we are selecting and activiating the notes with the same hand, a whole new way of fretting the strings emerges which combines fingers, hands, arms, the whole body, to build better hand independence, improve tone and enhance dynamic control. This class is recommended for beginners and more advanced players who have not taken it before.

Refining your timing
Tom Griesgraber (Advanced)

Solid timing is essential for communicating your musical ideas to your audience. Tom will share strategies and practice methods for improving both your rhythmic subdivisions and your sense of groove, whether your aim is to play as a soloist or with an ensemble.

Bass navigation in 5ths
Greg Howard (Advanced)

Greg's recent fingering discoveries for left hand lines have changed the game for navigating bass 5ths. This class will present a complete picture for integrating diatonic, pentatonic, intervallic and chromatic movement, similar to Greg's three-fingered hand movement-based melody strategy, but built for the more complex challenges of rapidly and fluidly tapping strings in 5ths.

Fretboard harmony
Tom Griesgraber (Beginner)

Recognizing and making your way through diatonic and diatonically related chord progressions and melodies

Right hand melody and fretboard navigation
Greg Howard (Beginner)

In this class we'll talk about how to transition from one position to another, extending the hand's reach up and down the board for a fluid melody technique. Find the notes you want to find in the place you want to find them, harmonize and embellish to you heart's content. Command the board!

Articulations: adding new life to the same old notes
Tom Griesgraber (Beginner, Advanced)

A comprehensive overview of ways to improve your music through expressive techniques that can add color and depth to single note lines and chords without the use of electronic effects.

Got a solo? Don't just noodle, say something
Greg Howard (Advanced)

This class will explore expression and creative phrasing, over a relentless groove of course.... Know when to use the harmonic minor, how to shape a solo, and how to make sure your head is in charge, not your hand.

Independence training: how to train your hands to function as autonomous entities
Greg Howard(Beginner)

Free from each other, as Free Hands should be. In this class we will lay out some easy and effective independence warmups, and look at ways to build more independence into our playing, whether improvigsing or playing set pieces.

Fretboard harmony
Tom Griesgraber (Advanced)

Strategies for voice leading, reharmonization, soloing and alternative chord structures and patterns in arrangements and original compositions