VS-1880 Improvs 2003

2003 Unreleased

Free download here

After a long hiatus, I re-built my home studio with a Roland VS-1880 digital workstation at the core. This was the setup I used to record "Solos On Chapman Stick" as well as some early promotional material. Here I used the VS-1880 to capture two improvs I did using the Stick and the Echoplex.

Recorded at Home in Novi, Michigan

The first piece was simply an untitled soundscape using Stick, MIDI Stick, and Echoplex. The piece was later re-recorded and titled "The Wailing of the Damned" for the "121normal" release. The second piece was recorded using Stick and Echoplex (no MIDI or rhythm tracks) using a "quantized glitch" technique I picked up from Andre Lafosse. In this recording, you hear the two completed loops and I switched between them. Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to turn on the VS until the loops were already recorded so you miss the buildup.

Track List