Dual Cassette Years

The original Normal Street studio (and later the Pearl Street studio) consisted of two stereo cassette decks where one channel was used for bouncing and the other for recording new tracks. The songs on this page are only a very small sampling of the recordings made in those studios. Most of the others were either unfinished or of too poor a quality to even consider putting up.

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Moods for the Guitar (1984)

The very first tape completed in the original studio consisting of two stereo cassette recorders. All of the music on this tape was done on heavily processed electric and acoustic guitars along with some e-bow work.

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Fame and Vision (1984)

The "synth" tape. These tunes were recorded in the Pearl Street studio after the acquisition of the Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. In addition to the synth layers, the tunes still contained electric and acoustic guitar tracks. "Reflections" saw an additional rhythm track created using the noise generator and arpeggiator on the Juno-60. That was also the first track to see the addition of audio samples. "After the Fall" also benefited from added audio in the form of an old Glenn Miller recording at the beginning.

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Another Fool (1984)

The third of the 1984 tapes. This tape saw the addition of a real drum machine as well as vocal tracks (although you won't be hearing any singing here). "Like Glass" was a simple mix of lush synthesizer and compressed electric guitar. "UTC" was written around a take made off a short wave radio of a continuous announcement of coordinate universal time (or UTC).

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Various News, Olds, and Redos (1985 Cassette)

The last tape from the dual cassette studio was mostly remakes of older tunes with a scattering of new pieces. Most of the new pieces were backing tracks that were supposed to eventually have vocals added but were never finished. "UTC" was remade from scratch for this tape and turned out sounding just a bit better overall and also contained some different audio content.

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