4-Track Years

When the studio returned to its original location in the mid to late 80s and then later to Allen Park, it was upgraded to four track cassette. The Audio Technica ATRMX64 was a wonderful sounding 4-track cassette recorder with a 6-channel mixer. Many hours of recoding were done on this deck.

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Unreleased (1986)

Recorded on electric guitar and Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. The track was named because, after the music was recorded, there was an audio track added that consisted of random recordings from an episode of "The Saint" television show that starred Roger Moore.

Track List

On Names and Faces (1987 Cassette)

The only official tape completed on the 4-track machine. "The Calling" and "Reflections" were remakes from tunes off the "Fame and Vision" cassette while "Boston Blue" and "Farrago" were both new. In addition to the usual synth and guitar tracks, several tracks from this tape also featured some tenor saxophone work.

Track List